The Open Science Festival

On the 11th of February the National Open Science Festival took place. It was an ambitious endeavor to go online while still trying to keep a Festival vibe going -something that would not have been possible without the help of a lot of people from all over the Netherlands.

We hope that the Festival tents will be set up again next year, hopefully not only in an online setting. But because this project has ended, the organisation will be taken over by others.

The Festival in short:

• More than 500 people registered, most of them from Dutch universities, UMCs and KNAW institutions, but also from HBOs. There were also international guests;
• 1.4k views total of the live stream and the plenary session and this number is still increasing;
• Between 425 and 600 unique visitors on the secure program page with links to all sessions (this is a rough estimate because we did not want to set hardcore cookies)
• Two pre-Festival workshops;
• 14 Community Led Sessions;
• Two Mingle and Meet sessions, on in ZOOM and one in, which included 12 Market Place booths;
• Six sessions prior to the Festival:
o An Open Science Barcamp;
o The importance of data pre-processing;
o Your Gateway to Open Science Training;
o Two Deans sessions;
o The Open Science Use Case Awards;
• Lots of very positive and substantive tweets and reactions under the # OSF2021NL hashtag on twitter;
• Very positive survey results (thank you!). Particularly the diversity of sessions, the interaction, the Festival feeling/ the feeling of being able to meet others were mentioned. Next to that we got quite a lot of requests for another Festival next year; also to include more longer workshops.

More info about the winners of the Open Science Trophies can be found here.

A collection of CC BY #OSF2021NL related materials can be found on Zenodo.

You can watch the live stream video of the plenary conversations including the Open Initiatives Trophy on

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