Session recap of The importance of data pre-processing

On 26 November almost 40 people attend this session, presented by Maximilian Primbs (Radboud University) & Leonhard Volz (University of Amsterdam).

We explored how data pre-processing influences the outcome of a statistical test. After a short introduction, the focus lied on hands-on exploration of data via a custom-made easy to use Shiny App. All participants got a sense of the impact these pre-processing choices have on the effect of analyses while using the app to find the highest and lowest values. Two teams won a ‘Yoga Award for Uniquely Flexible Data Preprocessing’: a humorous way to put emphasis on how choices in pre-processing data effect the outcomes of your analysis. The experience were contextualised via the results of a related study and the implications for reporting methods,  and results were discussed in lively breakouts.

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