SAVE THE DATE! May 29th: The first Open Science Barcamp in the Netherlands

On the 29th of May the Dutch Open Science Communities, together with the ACOS team, will organise an Open Science Barcamp at the SURF offices in Utrecht.

So, what is a Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an all-day-long event with no predetermined program – the topics of all sessions are determined on the spot. The venue consists of one big plenary room and several smaller break-out rooms. During the plenary sessions, anyone can grab the mic and propose a topic for a break-out session. Next, you can join any of those break-out sessions and get to work!

Break-out sessions can have any format: discussion groups (e.g. ‘the perfect publishing system’), knowledge sessions sessions (e.g. ‘how to make your data FAIR’), practical sessions like hack-a-tons (e.g. ‘Let’s make a new tool on the spot!’) or any other format that you can conceive of. Anything goes as long as you stay within the strict time limit of 40 minutes per session.

The break-out sessions are interleaved with plenary sessions where we will update each other on what was going on during the breaks out sessions and propose new break out sessions. This continues until 17.00, when it is time for drinks and pizza!

Lot’s of meeting new people! Lot’s of inspiration! Lot’s of energy!

Registration will soon (on this website).

Save the date: 29th of May (10.00 – 20.00) @ SURF Utrecht (at Utrecht Central Station: Kantoren Hoog Overborch, Moreelsepark 48).

NB: the Open Science Barcamp Utrecht is a based on the very successful Open Science Barcamp Berlin format.

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    1. Yes, we are looking into alternatives at this moment. As soon as we know more, we will let you know, Best Melanie

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