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These last few weeks we have been busy talking to different initiatives that foster Open Science in the Netherlands. This in order to get a good understanding of how we can help them, and how we can link different activities. Next to that, we have reached out to those that already have told us they would like to get involved in this project.

Maybe you would like to as well! Do you want to organise a sprint, or share good practices or some interesting tools? Can we add you to our speakers list?  Do you have suggestions for our list of inspiring initiatives?

You can also let us know what can we invite you for, such as our sprint sessions or the national Open Science day on the 14th of May in Wageningen. Please get in touch via info [ad]

 We also offer the following different possibilities to stay in contact with us:

  • Follow the hashtag #accelerateopenscience on twitter
  • Frequently check the ‘News and Updates’ section on this website or, even better, subscribe to (email)updates of this section by entering your email address at the bottom of our website (GET UPDATES VIA EMAIL)
  • Subscribe to this os mailing list

 We hope to hear from you!

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