Our small project team doesn’t work in isolation. We believe in working together and feel connected with practitioners from institutions and other organisations.

For instance, to make working together on specific topics a possibility, we’re organising a series of sprints (meet and write sessions for half a day) at SURF in Utrecht, with the possibility for remote attendance. The online working documents of these sprints stay open for follow-up work or follow-up sprints. 

Topics on which we have sprinted earlier are: 

Updating Dutch Open Science Wiki lemma’s; (under the hashtag #OSwikisprint)

This working doc is still open for everyone who wants to contribute. We are thinking of organising a follow-up sprint in co-operation with initiatives in other countries as well. 

Sprint #2: Program and Open Call for Sessions for the National Open Science Festival 

We are co-organising a National Open Science Festival which wil be hosted by the Wageningen University & Research. In this sprint we worked on the program and the open call for sessions, which we want to send out as soon as possible. 

Sprint #3: updating info pages on openaccess.nl

On the 25th of November 2019 from 10:00 – 12:00 we organised a Sprint dedicated to updating pages on openaccess.nl. It’s still work in progress and we are using this Google Doc for structuring the content.

If you have any suggestions, please feel to contact the editorial board at all times by sending an e-mail.

We are open to your suggestions for topics for future (online) sprints.

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