Opening up COVID-19 crisis related resources

We are setting up a network of different partners in the Netherlands to support research and education on aspects of the Covid-19 crisis.  One of the first actions of this network is to set up a web page on with:

1. Research outputs from different Dutch universities that university libraries are putting together;

2 Guidance on how to make your COVID-19 related research outputs openly available as quickly as possible.

Next to that we are also looking into guidance on data sharing, and collective action towards -or together with- publishers to ensure that as many relevant resources as possible can be shared.

If you want to help, or if you would like to receive more info about this initiative, please contact us

National Open Science Festival

Save the Date! 

When: August 27th 2020

Where: Campus Wageningen University & Research

What: National Open Science Festival #OSF2020NL

Open Call submission deadlines: 10 March 2020

Notification of acceptance or rejection: 31 March 2020

Registration opens: 2 April 2020

Meet | Share | Inspire | Care

The National Open Science Festival provides researchers the opportunity to learn about the benefits of different Open Science practices. It is a place to meet peers that are already working openly or that are interested to start doing so.  Key to this day is sharing knowledge and best practices. 

Call for Sessions  and the Open Science Awards open on Feb 1st

In organizing the National Open Science Festival, the program committee welcomes input from researchers in developing the programme for the day.  The call for Sessions opens on Feb 1st.  The programme committee particularly invites proposals for sessions intended to be interactive and proposals that stem from local initiatives.  If you want to simply present an initiative you are asked to apply for the call for the Lunch Marketplace.

The Open Science Awards will recognise and reward researchers or research students who have used open science to make their research more accessible, transparent or reproducible. The call is open to all researchers and PhD students from Dutch universities and research institutes. Submission is by means of a case study describing their experience with open science. the top five use cases will each receive a prize of €250,-. The winners are expected to give a presentation/demonstration of up to 10 minutes about their use case at the Open Science Festival in Wageningen on August 27th. 

SAVE THE DATE! May 29th: The first Open Science Barcamp in the Netherlands

On the 29th of May the Dutch Open Science Communities, together with the ACOS team, will organise an Open Science Barcamp at the SURF offices in Utrecht.

So, what is a Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an all-day-long event with no predetermined program – the topics of all sessions are determined on the spot. The venue consists of one big plenary room and several smaller break-out rooms. During the plenary sessions, anyone can grab the mic and propose a topic for a break-out session. Next, you can join any of those break-out sessions and get to work!

Break-out sessions can have any format: discussion groups (e.g. ‘the perfect publishing system’), knowledge sessions sessions (e.g. ‘how to make your data FAIR’), practical sessions like hack-a-tons (e.g. ‘Let’s make a new tool on the spot!’) or any other format that you can conceive of. Anything goes as long as you stay within the strict time limit of 40 minutes per session.

The break-out sessions are interleaved with plenary sessions where we will update each other on what was going on during the breaks out sessions and propose new break out sessions. This continues until 17.00, when it is time for drinks and pizza!

Lot’s of meeting new people! Lot’s of inspiration! Lot’s of energy!

Registration will soon (on this website).

Save the date: 29th of May (10.00 – 20.00) @ SURF Utrecht (at Utrecht Central Station: Kantoren Hoog Overborch, Moreelsepark 48).

NB: the Open Science Barcamp Utrecht is a based on the very successful Open Science Barcamp Berlin format.

Info Sheets

Today we had a productive team meeting which was mainly dedicated to discuss the set up of a series of info sheets.

There is a need for easy accessible and short info about a few ‘hot topics’.  Therefore these info sheets can be helpful to inform people in different institutions. We want to compile the info sheets based on information that is partially already out there, partially missing, or in need of an update.

For the structure we really like to follow the structure of this new site: which uses a very crisp and clear ‘5 points about… ‘ structure together with a ‘Why this is important’ and a ‘Help me ‘ section. The idea is to translate this set up into info sheets with links that can be updated and adjusted to the local situation (eg add specific points of contact for help on certain topics).

As a starting point we would like to work on the following topics based on our first round of talks with different initiatives:

  • Plan S;
  • FAIR data/RDM;
  • DORA;
  • Open/ FAIR software ( from the user only perspective)
  • Open Access

We will contact people to help us with this: what is the right angle based on info which is already available? We will also organise some dedicated sprints early next year. If you also want to be involved please let us know!

Get involved!

These last few weeks we have been busy talking to different initiatives that foster Open Science in the Netherlands. This in order to get a good understanding of how we can help them, and how we can link different activities. Next to that, we have reached out to those that already have told us they would like to get involved in this project.

Maybe you would like to as well! Do you want to organise a sprint, or share good practices or some interesting tools? Can we add you to our speakers list?  Do you have suggestions for our list of inspiring initiatives?

You can also let us know what can we invite you for, such as our sprint sessions or the national Open Science day on the 14th of May in Wageningen. Please get in touch via info [ad]

 We also offer the following different possibilities to stay in contact with us:

  • Follow the hashtag #accelerateopenscience on twitter
  • Frequently check the ‘News and Updates’ section on this website or, even better, subscribe to (email)updates of this section by entering your email address at the bottom of our website (GET UPDATES VIA EMAIL)
  • Subscribe to this os mailing list

 We hope to hear from you!

We are live!

Our project started September 1st 2019. At the moment (October 2019) we are talking to the different initiatives focusing on promoting Open Science that already exist in the Netherlands. Since our initial project duration will only be one year, we decided to set up this project website as one of our first actions. We will add info on a continuous basis. so watch this space!

If you would like to collaborate on specific topics, or if you have ideas on what to work on, you can reach us via or you can leave comments under the different segments on the site. Another way to point us to certain examples or ideas is to use the hashtag #accelerateopenscience on twitter.