Accelerate Open Science: the project

This NPOS project started on September 1st 2019 with an initial duration of one year. It will connect the various Dutch Open Science initiatives and stakeholders that provide information and support for researchers.

The intended results of this project are:

  • Improving the findability of information on Open Science by connecting the following websites:;;; in a more efficient way;
  • Widely shared and clear guidance on topics such as Open Access, FAIR data and PlanS;
  • Broadly shared examples of proven concepts in the field of informing and supporting researchers; 
  • Collect and share best practices for researchers undertaking Open Science; 
  • Help with organizing Open Science meetings, cafés and other interactive sessions on a local level.

The project team:

Sander Bosch, Open Science Coordinator at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. He was trained as a researcher in computational cognitive neuroscience. At the VU, he initiates and coordinates projects relating to Open Access, Research Data Management, Public Engagement and Open Science Skills & Knowledge.

Loek Brinkman, Founder and Community Manager at Open Science Community Utrecht, lecturer at Utrecht University, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, liason with Dutch Network of Open Science Communities;

Melanie Imming, Community Manager Open Science SURF and owner of, involved in different initiatives on topics like FAIR data, data stewardship, open science engagement and digital cultural heritage;

Carlos Martinez-Ortiz, Community Manager Netherlands eScience center involved in software sustainability, FAIR software and development of best practices for development of open scientific software.;

Jeroen Sondervan, Project Leader Open Access Utrecht University, member of the editorial board of, the Open Access working group UKB and the Knowledge Exchange OA expert group;

Anke Versteeg, Policy and Relations coordinator TU Delft Library, executive secretary TUD Open Science Program, liaison with UKB and LCRDM on RDM and FAIR Data.

In addition, a broad pool of people, both support staff and researchers, will join in to work together on specific topics. This is done, for instance, in sprints dedicated to specific topics. More info on our sprints can be found here.

If you would like to collaborate on specific topics, or if you have ideas on what to work on, you can reach us via or you can leave comments under the different segments on the site. Another way to point us to certain examples or ideas is to use the hastag @accelerateopenscience on twitter.

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