Session recap of The importance of data pre-processing

On 26 November almost 40 people attend this session, presented by Maximilian Primbs (Radboud University) & Leonhard Volz (University of Amsterdam).

We explored how data pre-processing influences the outcome of a statistical test. After a short introduction, the focus lied on hands-on exploration of data via a custom-made easy to use Shiny App. All participants got a sense of the impact these pre-processing choices have on the effect of analyses while using the app to find the highest and lowest values. Two teams won a ‘Yoga Award for Uniquely Flexible Data Preprocessing’: a humorous way to put emphasis on how choices in pre-processing data effect the outcomes of your analysis. The experience were contextualised via the results of a related study and the implications for reporting methods,  and results were discussed in lively breakouts.

Slide deck highlighting answers to five questions about FAIR data

Our Accelerate Open Science Project aims to give context to various developments in the area of Open Science, and to make information about topics such as FAIR data easier accessible. As a second slide deck in our Info Slides Series, we present you Answers to five questions about FAIR data.

The slide deck is licensed under a CC-BY license, which enables you to make use of it any way you want. You can find the slides here.

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