What’s new?

Welcome to our website.
We think it is important to keep you informed about the  ‘Accelerate Open Science project’, which is one of the projects that have recently started within the National Platform Open Science. Under the tab WHAT’S NEW you can find updates on the ongoing work in our project. Do please keep in mind that everything published here is a work in progress.

You are invited to join us! If you would like to collaborate on specific topics, for instance in our sprints, or if you have ideas on what to work on, you can reach us via info@accelerateopenscience.nl . You can also leave comments under the different segments on the site. Another way to point us to certain examples or ideas is to use the hastag @accelerateopenscience on twitter.

What is Open Science?
‘Open Science’ stands for the transition to a new, more open and participatory way of conducting, publishing and evaluating scholarly research. Central to this concept is the goal of increasing cooperation and transparency in all research stages. READ MORE

Accelerate Open Science: the project
This NPOS project started on September 1st 2019 with an initial duration of one year. It will connect the various Dutch Open Science initiatives and stakeholders that provide information and support for researchers. In addition, a broad pool of people, both support staff and researchers, will work together on specific topics. READ MORE